Villa Clara


It is the Capital city of the province of Villa Clara. This municipality occupies almost the center of the Cuban archipelago. Santa Clara is linked to the city of Havana by the Central Highway, rail, National Highway and by air, at a distance of 260 km (by land). It was moved to this current location in 1689, because of pirate attacks. It original location was the place that today occupies the town of San Juan de los Remedios.</p> <p>Taking the central road known as “eight ways” since it has four lanes in each direction, the Havana-Santa Clara route lasts approximately 3.5 hours.<br /> Santa Clara had great importance in the Cuban Revolution where the figure of Che Guevara stands out. As a tribute to this revolutionary leader, there is a Memorial in the Revolution Square, where in addition to the huge bronze statue there is also a Mausoleum with the remains of Che and other fallen comrades in Bolivia at its base. It also has a small Museum with various belongings of Ernesto Che Guevara.</p> <p>A walk along the heritage route of the city includes the Parque del Carmen, place of the Villa Foundation in 1685 and the Leoncio Vidal Park, surrounded by colonial, neoclassical, eclectic and postmodern buildings that defend a very diversified architectural and also the visit to the Monument to the action against the Armored Train.</p> <p>Santa Clara shows a constructive heritage of great value, among the most revealing buildings in the city we can find La Caridad Theater, a building ordered by Marta Abreu de Estévez, in memory of her parents.

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