Santiago de Cuba


The province, including the keys, has a territorial extension of 6 162 km and is located 860 km from Havana. It is positioned at the eastern end of Cuba, it borders to the north with the provinces of Holguin; to the east, Guantanamo; to the south, the Caribbean Sea: and to the west, Granma.</p> <p>75% of the territory is mountainous, making it the most mountainous of the Cuban provinces and where the highest elevations of the country are located, since its territory is covered by the Sierra Maestra mountain range. The main elevations are the Turquino (972 m) and the Cuba peak (1 874 m). The two highest points in the country, as well as La Gran Piedra (1,226 m).</p> <p>Santiago de Cuba is the second most important city in Cuba. It was one of the first seven villas, founded in 1515 by Diego Velázquez. It has several places of interest such as the historic center of the city, the Cemetery of Santa Ifigenia, the Castillo del Morro and the Baconao Park.

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