Cuba for your Destination Wedding


The fact that Cuba seems to be stopped in time makes it an outstanding place for a destination wedding. Just picture yourself riding in a horse-drawn cart on the cobbled streets or a long line of convertible classic American cars, preserved as jewels, honking all over Malecon avenue. Definitely unique and amazing!

Its spectacular views, colorful landscapes and pristine white sand beaches are also amazing venues for your big day.

We will customize every detail to make your celebration just as you dream it. Here you have some of our suggested venues and ideas to start inspiring you:

Outstanding Venues

Havana, Seafront
Havana, Rooftop
Havana, Beach
Havana, Indoor
Vinales, Closer to Nature
Varadero, Beach Resort

Authentic Touch

Don’t forget to include sparkles of local authenticity

Classic American Cars

Riding a classic American car is a MUST while you are in Cuba. The Bride arriving in one of them or the Just Married Couple followed by their guests in a long line of classic convertibles are just some of the ideas.

Classic American Cars

Horse Carriages

Riding a horse carriage in wedding dresses will make you feel like going back in time. Amazing photos are guaranteed.

Horse Carriages

Street Photos

A photo shutting session surrounded by colonial architecture will portrait the most amazing and unforgettable experience in Cuban streets

Street Photos

Live Music

Add Cuban live music to your wedding party and make your guests feel the Caribbean joyful spirit

Cuban Music

Habanos & Cuban Rum

Include cigars and rum in your wedding souvenirs and your guests will appreciate it

Habanos & Cuban Rum

More to Experience

Arrange group activities to your guests before or after the wedding day and have much more fun together

Dancing Lesson

Enjoy a private lesson with your family and friends for a couple of hours. Learn the basic steps, have fun together and then feel more relaxed for dancing during the wedding party.

Mixing Cocktails

A professional bar tender will join you to explain about Cuban cocktails and help you make your own version of the most popular ones. Toasts and laughs are guaranteed!

Pairing Rum & Cigars

You will learn to identify and combine the rums and cigars that are traditional in Cuba, pairing an exquisite selection of them accompanied by tapas, all while enjoying a spectacular view.

Horseback Riding

Usually there are horses available for riding almost everywhere outside of Havana. We particularly recommend it in Trinidad. Riding from downtown to ‘The Sugar Mills Valley’ with amazing mountain views and including time for swimming in ‘Hoyo del Pilon’ waterfall is an amazing experience for you and your guests.


If you decide to get married in any ‘closer to nature environment’, no matter the specific location you chose, there are always amazing trails you can explore with your group of family and friends leaded by a professional local experienced guide.


Cuba has the second largest reef in the world, so it is a jewel for diving lovers. If some of the participants are not certified divers, that’s not an issue. Almost all beach resorts provide diving courses including basic diving lessons, practice in a swimming-pool and one immersion in the sea of 10m maximum.


Varadero Golf Course is laid out between palm trees, caves and lakes with 9 and 18 holes taking them right up to the shoreline. If your friends are golf fan, this will be a very good activity to enjoy together.

Catamaran Cruise Adventure

A catamaran day cruise including open bar and seafood lunch in a paradise island with music and snorkeling over coral reef sounds like a great option either before the wedding day or as a farewell party for your guests.

And so much more…

No matter the destination you chose for your wedding, there are plenty of experiences we can arrange considering what you believe your guests will enjoy the most.

Best Time for your Wedding in Cuba

Traditionally preferred season for weddings is Spring and Summer because of the vibrant colors, the warmer temperature and beautiful gardens. In Cuba Summer is also the wet period and sometimes too hot for foreigners. Good news is that summer rain usually doesn’t last long and winter in Cuba is not really cold, so both may be good choices. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, you should avoid any time between 11am and 5pm since light and sun are too strong, not recommended for photos, make up lasting, dressing, etc. Best timing would be after 5.30pm in Winter and 7pm in Summer.

Honeymoon in Cuba


A Cuba honeymoon will be rich with history and culture. Honeymooners will literally feel like they’ve gone back in time, where classic American cars roam the streets and remnants from the Spanish colonial era remains. Each narrow cobblestone laneway and prominent landmark reveals a story of Cuba’s compelling history — making this an ideal destination for history buffs. Whether you choose to traipse across the vibrant open squares of Havana or take a romantic stroll on Varadero Beach, a Cuba honeymoon offers plenty to see and explore.

Cigars, rum and vintage cars may well be the first things that spring to mind when you think of Cuba, but once you set foot on the sun-drenched island, you are soon exposed to its breathtaking scenery. Over the years, the Caribbean’s largest island has become an increasingly popular honeymoon destination, boasting a wealth of secluded beachfronts and sheltered bays, where sparkling ocean waters play host to mesmerising reefs and fascinating marine life. This can all be explored from your luxury resort base; where indulgent spa treatments, infinity pools and fine dining restaurants combine to create the ultimate honeymoon retreat.

You may want to stay longer at your wedding destination (if you got married in Cuba) or you may explore further combining different kind of experiences and places. Here you have some regular sample itineraries that will be easily customized for honeymooners and considering your preferences.

When to come

Cuba enjoys a hot tropical climate, but the dry season of November to May is the best time to take your Cuba honeymoon. During these months, couples will be able to enjoy cooler days and evenings. May through October is the wet season, and though the rain is torrential, it is usually short in duration.


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