Should the Client or Agent wish to proceed with the booking, our specialist will send a final document with all confirmation details. We will then issue a Proforma Invoice with cost schedule and terms of payment. Details of the bank will be sent together with the Proforma Invoice. A copy of the bank transfer document should be emailed to us within 24hrs of sending the transfer.

Payments can also be made by credit or debit card, in which case we will advise the Client or the Agent how to make such payments.

Total amount of the service must be paid 45 days prior to client’s arrival to Destination unless a different term is specifically advised.

Different deposit and payment schedules may apply to group bookings, International Flights, cruises and yacht charters and these will be advised by the DMC to the Agent by way of separate notifications.

In the event of any additional payments due that occur at the destination, that are not included in the final Proforma Invoice, it remains the responsibility of the Client to settle those payments in cash at the destination.