Rio Hato


In this township, located in the southwest of Coclé, the vast areas of savannas in the central region predominate, dedicated to livestock activity since colonial times. Río Hato has white sand beaches that attract tourists. The region is called Pearl of the Pacific (from Punta Chame to Farallón).</p> <p>Río Hato is a central starting point to other places of tourist interest, such as: El Valle de Antón, the Azuero Peninsula, La Pintada and the Cities of Antón and Penonomé, which is the Geographical Center of the Republic of Panama. For this reason, Río Hato was chosen for the construction of the first international airport in the interior of the country, using the remaining surface of the runway built by the North American army during World War II. This is Scarlett Martínez International Airport.

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