Bocas del Toro


Representing Panama’s vibrant Caribbean culture, the Bocas Del Toro province comprises part of Panama’s mainland, as well as a chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea. In Bocas, expect to find a relatively undeveloped landscape, and a friendly, laid-back vibe. Bocas is also home to a tropical rainforest, some of the area’s indigenous cultures, like the Ngöbe and NasoTjerdi, as well as many of the country’s most popular beaches. There are three main islands in Bocas Del Toro: The main island, Isla Colon; Isla Bastimentos, which is one of the largest islands in Panama; and the small island of Isla Carenero.</p> <p>Bocas Del Toro is home to a natural laboratory for evolutionary study and climate change, as well as Panama's first Mission Blue Hope Spot, a program that focuses on the rehabilitation and preservation of the marine ecosystem.</p> <p>While visiting Bocas Del Toro, you can spend your days exploring the local nature, and your evenings enjoying the nightlife. If you’re an experienced diver, you may be able to take a science dive with the Smithsonian. For more accessible marine activity, head to Isla Bastimentos National Park, where you can surf, snorkel and dive. With 95% of the Caribbean coral species found in Bocas del Toro, you can expect to see a wonderful variety of tropical reef creatures including nurse sharks, stingrays and many species of crab and lobster. For even more variety, take a bioluminescent tour, or explore the Nivida Bat Cave.

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