Baracoa was the first town founded in Cuba in 1511, which preserves the Cross of Parra, carried by Columbus during the conquest. It is also known as the ``capital of cocoa.``</p> <p>In Baracoa, the presence of the sea, the mountains covered with thick foliage and abundant river arteries converge and form an attractive natural setting, linked with elements of historical and cultural character capable of attracting the attention of the visitor. You will find here one of the most attractive and best preserved landscapes of the Antillean geography.</p> <p>Access to the city by land is an adventure because it is needed to go through a very peculiar route that winds between the mountains called La Farola. This road has its highest point over 600m above the average sea level, Los Altos de Cotilla, and it has 11 suspension bridges.</p> <p>Baracoa offers visitors the unique opportunity to observe and admire the exclusive topography of their Yunque, a high flat-topped hill that caught the attention of Admiral Christopher Columbus when he arrived in the area in 1492.

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