2023 Events

Outstanding culture and rich traditions are highlights of Latin America’s history. There are festivals or events you can participate in throughout the year to see firsthand how locals preserve and celebrate their heritage. Take a look, and consider yourself invited!

Jazz Plaza – The cream of Cuban music festivals arrives every January like a late Christmas present. In the past it has attracted the greats, Dizzy Gillespie and Max Roach among them, along with a perfect storm of Cuban talent.

Havana, Cuba, Jan 22nd to 29th

Panama Jazz Festival – Every year this Festival honors an outstanding jazz player with the participation of prominent national and international artists. There are also master classes, called ‘Clinica Musical’, where international students gather to learn from the best Jazz players from all over the world.

Panama, Jan 16th to 21st

Havana International Book Fair – The largest event dedicated to books and readers in the country. In Cuba, it is relatively cheap, compared to other countries, to buy books. It’s good opportunity for you to purchase some volumes. Publishers also attend from many parts of the world.

Havana, Cuba, Feb 10th to 20th

Habano Festival – One of the most glamorous and exclusive events in Havana. At the Habano Festival you will see collectors from all over the world bidding for unique pieces, such as luxury humidors. Usually the new lines of the most famous Premium cigars in the world are also announced.

Havana, Cuba, Feb 27th to March 3rd

Las Tablas Carnival – This is the biggest Carnival in Panama. It takes place during the 4 days before Ash Wednesday to celebrate the starting of Lent season. Full day party with music on the square, street food, fireworks, parades, neighborhood rivalry, Queens of Carnival and so much more fun.

Azuero, Panama, Feb 17th to 22nd

David International Fair – Considered as one of the outstanding trading events in Panama, with more than 600 exhibitors showing the latest trends in agricultural, agro-industrial, tourist, technological, artisanal, automotive and health sectors. Besides, there are a lot of cultural activities taking place during as part of the event.

David, Panama, March 16th to 23rd

Día del Patrono San José – The festivities begin with a mass at 10:00am in the Cathedral of David Church. In the afternoon there is a spectacular parade, which runs through the main roads of the city. At nightfall everyone is on the grounds of David International Fair to enjoy music, food, dancing and a lot of fun.

David, Panama, March 18th

Sugar Cane Festival – Large exhibition of sugar cane and its products looking to preserve and promote national traditions.

Cocle, Panama, 3rd week of April

FitCuba – The most important event in the country for the travel industry, gathering professionals from all over the world.

Havana, Cuba, May 1st to 5th

International Chess Tournament ‘Capablanca in Memorian’ – Taking place in Havana Libre hotel, it has been held annually in Cuba since 1962 with some of the most recognized chess players from all over the world.

Havana, Cuba, May 2nd to 12th

Festival Internacional Romerías de Mayo – Holguin Romerías is a meeting between generations of artists, intellectuals, and cultural promoters from dozens of countries. These festivities transform Holguín, a city of parks and the capital of young art, and in the open spaces of the city there are concerts and meetings, which become important moments for social reflection and cultural enjoyment.

Holguin, Cuba, May 3rd to 8th

Festivities of San Juan – While the most famous of all these festivities takes place in Camagüey, in the center of the island, in Oriente there is also the tradition of celebrating starting on Saint John’s Day from June 24 and culminating on the 29th, Saint Peter’s Day. It is tradition to burn a stuffed doll in the plaza and celebrate all night with music and dancing.

Ernest hemingway International Marlin Fishing Tournment – The largest and most important ‘cash and release’ marlin fishing event, where fishermen from all over the world gather together.

Havana, Cuba, June 12th to 17th

Caribbean Festival ‘Fiesta del Fuego’ – Annually, the santiaguero festival is dedicated to one country in the region, as a show of cultural comradely. This Cuban festival has the largest consolidation and diversity of popular cultures and the traditions of the peoples of the region. If you are interested in folklore and miscegenation of the island, you will get to dive into these ideas here.

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, July 3rd to 9th

Panama International Book Fair – This is a huge event that receives more than 100 000 visitors every year. During 6 days the book becomes the heroe with an extensive and diverse offer from more than 300 local and international editorial houses.

Panama, Aug 15th to 20th

Varadero Josone: Rumba, Jazz & Son – This is a newer festival near the beach at Josone Park in Varadero, Cuba. The festival features some of the greatest and most famous Cuban performers and mixes different rhythms, which reflects Cuban culture and music.

Varadero, Cuba, Aug 21st to 27th

Varadero Gourmet – The event gathers wine and spirits producers in conferences, product launch, gourmet products tasting and pairing, including wines, rums and cigars.

Varadero, Cuba, Sept 13th to 16th

Cuba Golf Cup – The traditional Cuba Golf Cup is an annual event, offering golfers the opportunity to enjoy their sport over the 18 holes of the finest green in Cuba. The Cup is held at the Varadero Golf Club, a narrow stretch, parallel to the beach, of more than 60 hectares, with playing areas, forests of native vegetation and lagoons, making it an enormously attractive setting.

Varadero, Cuba, Oct 25th to 28th

Baila en Cuba – Baila en Cuba gathers more than 700 salsa dancers from more than 45 Countries. Workshops, Concerts and a lot of music!

Cuba, Nov 19th to 24th

Marabana – This is an event for everyone: runners, walkers, professional athletes, and the disabled. Its message is that we can all overcome our challenges, regardless of our physicality. It offers a healthy life lesson for future generations.

Nov 19th 

International Festival of New Latin American Cinema – This is probably the only of year that Cubans go in mass to the cinemas, since almost all national premieres take place during this festival. Nonetheless, these films lead the way in the best Latin American and European cinema. In Cuba, main floor seats are very cheap, so getting into the dark room may be an option. If you’re a fan of film, check out Esperanza bar. In this bar, you might get a chance to see an actor you just saw on the big screen.

Havana, Cuba, Dec 8th to 17th

Parrandas Remedios – Year after year the people of Remedios celebrate one of the most renowned carnivals in Cuba: parrandas. Months are spent preparing the event, which is complete with flares, fireworks and all kinds of manufactured devices to surprise loyal fans that come from all parts of the country. This is one of the best pretexts to travel to Cuba in December.

Remedios, Cuba, Dec 24th and 25th