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Cuba is a Caribbean Island located on the Northern Hemisphere of the American Continent. With a population of approximately 11 million inhabitants, its history records some years before the Spanish conquerors arrived at the Americas finding a non- autochthonous native population but emigrants coming mainly from the Southern Continent and some closed islands. After Christopher Columbus arrival on October 24th, 1492, the country became a dependent colony of the Spanish Empire for almost 400 years which influenced highly in its culture, traditions, language, and history. As a result of the colonization period, also the population was affected as most of the indigenous community disappeared completely due to the long hard- work journeys they were forced to accomplish; as well as, out-breaks of diseases brought from Spain and Europe. A second labor force was introduced then in the country, the African slave, who also influenced the formation of the national identity and culture, and worked mainly in the sugar cane plantations and did the house chores for the Spanish masters. This combination of cultures and ethnic groups formed the nowadays Cuban, a specimen highly talkative, friendly, and religious. After its independence in 1898, the 20th Century Nation was occupied and invaded by the United States of America which turned into a whole change of economic activities and development clearly witnessed in its Modern side of the city. From 1953 to 1959, the country struggled through a Social Revolution to change the Republic and since the 60’s became a Socialist nation, the only one in the Latin American Continent. Currently, its main income is focused on the exportation of human resources through the multiple international missions carried out by its professional, mainly from the Education and Health Care sector, and the exploitation of the touristic area, though it is also popular for the coffee, rum, and tobacco that every year trades worldwide. Its tropical warm weather and its topography mainly flat makes of this Island a true breathtaking holiday experience to be told. Join us!

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